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    Our Vision:

    Strive to become a world-class enterprise of
    ALC manufacture and application.

    Our Mission:

    Be dedicated to improve people’s living environment.
    Make significant contributions to protect natural resources.

    Our Principle:

    Create value for customers. Provide platforms for employees.

    Our Spirit:

    Diligent, Innovative, Cautious, Efficient.

    Our Manner:

    No excuses, Act immediately, Never evade responsibility,
    Always be introspective.

    Our Value System:

    Principle: Regulations dominate all.

    Quality: Attention to details and strive for perfection.

    Behavior: Be strict to oneself and lenient with others.

    Employment: Agree with corporate standpoint.
    Train employees frequently and supervise with standards.

    Result: Exceed targets and create miracles.

    Work: Excellent skill gained from simple works,
    great achievement obtained from ordinary posts.

    Corporate Philosophy:

    The one with ideals has hopes, and the one
    with hopes has targets.

    The one with targets has plans, and the one
    with plans has actions.

    The one with actions has results, and the one
    with results has self-reflection.

    The one with self-reflection has progress,
    and the one with progress has ideals.

    Link:   Nasahi Australia |