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    Nanjing Asahi New Building Materials Co., Ltd., established in 1996, has a total investment of 44.5 million US dollars, with registered capital of 170 million Yuan. The Company was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations and became a market-making corporation in 2014. Stock name is “Xu Jian Xin Cai” with code 430485. The Company was elected as a corporation in the NEEQ satisfying innovation standards.

    For the past twenty years, Nanjing Asahi has dedicated itself to manufacturing and developing new green building materials, innovation and upgrading of construction methods of wall assembling, and one-stop service of wall engineering which complies with green energy-saving construction criteria for its clients.

    The Company owns unique production technology, many key manufacturing techniques, and 19 technology patents. We insist on research and development of hi-tech products and technology innovation. Through long term cooperation with leading design institutions and construction corporations, both in China and in developed countries such as Japan, we have solved the industrialization difficulties of the “Three Panels” (Wall Panel, Roof Panel, and Floor Panel) in the enclosure structure of a building, and have shown the advantages of our products in energy-saving, construction industrialization, and integration of thermal insulation with decorative function aspects.

    The Company has one R&D center, two production bases, three production lines of Autoclaved Lightweight aerated Concrete (ALC) products, with total annual capacity of 700,000m3. The products include ALC panels, blocks, ALC decorative products with thermal insulation, ALC pre-assembled large panel, modular house, etc., having excellent properties in thermal insulation, energy-saving, lightweight with strong strength, aseismatic performance, fire resistance, and decorative functions.

    The Research Center of Jiangsu Province Lightweight Concrete Material Engineering & Technology, established by the Company, has completed many scientific research projects at provincial, ministerial, and national levels. The Company has won the first prize in China Construction Science and Technology by Ministry of Construction, the second prize in Science and Technology Progress by Ministry of Education, the second prize in Science and Technology Progress by China Steel Frame Committee, the first prize of Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Progress, the second prize of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Progress, the first prize of Jiangsu Provincial Construction Science and Technology Progress, 2-Star Green Building Label of Jiangsu Province, the first prize of Green Building Innovation of Jiangsu Province, and the second prize of national Green Building Innovation. The Company has participated in the compilation of 12 provincial standard technical drawing collections, 1 national standard technical drawing collection, and converted 9 scientific research achievements to application. It owns 14 utility model patents, 5 invention patents, and has been sponsored by high technology enterprise policy of Jiangsu Province for many years.

    We will continue to research and develop new products for green building, with the target of developing green building materials to realize construction industrialization, and make our contributions to building industry structure adjustment and upgrading of building materials.

    Link:   Nasahi Australia |